We're building a community of Ames-area entrepreneurs, startup teams, solo workers, freelancers and remote employees.

Coworking is the idea of bringing independent professionals and small teams together in a shared and flexible environment to work alongside each other, to interact and to collaborate. In short: to work better.

Gravitate started as a coworking community in downtown Des Moines in 2014 with a mix of high density/low cost workspace, programming and event space and to serve as a front door to the region's startup community. We call it "the entrepreneurial center of gravity in downtown Des Moines".

Now we're working on a second location with the same goals in Ames. As a bonus, there will be one membership for both locations.

Pop Up Coworking Day

We're starting off 2016 with a series of Pop Up Coworking Days (old school coworking folks probably called this "Jellies") in Ames. If you think coworking might be interesting to you, join us for an hour or two (or the whole time).

Future events will always be announced on Facebook and Meetup.

See you there!

Pop Up Coworking Day at Cafe Diem

Pop Up Coworking Day at Cafe Diem

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