About Gravitate

Gravitate is a community of more than 1,000 people who care about innovation in Iowa. We're a workplace community for entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, startup team members and others who enjoy working independently but don't want to work alone. Work better. Work together.

We're also that coworking space you see all over the internet in stock photos πŸ˜€


Our History

The company was founded on July 8, 2013 as Welch Avenue, LLC, an organization focused on helping people to build early-stage, tech-enabled businesses.

Later that month we launched a weekly newsletter featuring the most important stories about the people, companies and organizations who are helping that community grow. Nearly 200 issues later, The Pull, is the best way to stay connected to the Iowa innovation community.

On September 2, 2014, we launched a coworking space in the heart of downtown Des Moines and changed our name to Gravitate. Our coworking community is now more than 80 members strong and features professionals in a wide-range of industries.

In April 2017 we opened our second location: Gravitate Valley Junction and in June 2017 we moved our original location, now called Gravitate Downtown, a few blocks to its current location.

Our Team

Contact Us

visit us in person:

Gravitate Downtown
317 6th Avenue, Suite 102
Des Moines, Iowa 50309

Gravitate Valley Junction
318 5th Street
West Des Moines, Iowa 50265

Give us a call:

voice/text: (515) 207-8105


email: heythere@gravitatedsm.com







Quick facts and other things you probably want to know

  • People: The Gravitate coworking community started with 33 members when we opened in September 2014. So far, our peak month had 89 members in February 2016. All of our memberships are month-to-month (no long term commitments) and we typically range between 75-85 members.
  • Companies: Our members typically represent at least 50 different companies. Many of these are based in Central Iowa but, with nearly 50% of our members being remote workers, they also include places like Austin, Chicago and San Francisco.
  • Not just tech: A lot of people assume our community is just for software developers but that isn't true. Most jobs today are tech-enabled (utilizing a computer or mobile device as their primary work tool) and perfect for Gravitate. Our members do include software developers but also customer service representatives, creative directors, freelance marketers, lawyers and IT support people. At various points we've also had members who were novelists, PhD students and book editors.
  • Impact: An estimated 1,300 people are directly impacted by our community each month when you combine daily active coworkers with participants in our events such as hackathons, user groups and lunch & learns (as of July 1, 2016).
  • Seats: Our space includes 38 floating desk seats, 8 dedicated desks, 10 offices and 4 meeting rooms. We can accommodate 94 coworkers at any one time.
  • Events: We regularly host software user groups, educational events, potlucks, happy hours, watch parties and more. One time we hosted a Filipino Pop-Up Dinner. 
  • Internet speed: Our internet connection is 350 Mbps both up and down. It's fast.
  • Coffee: We serve Kickapoo Coffee's official Mars Blend from Mars Cafe in our kitchen Downtown and Butch's Blend from Grounds for Celebration at Valley Junction. We love supporting other local businesses and we think they're two of the best in town. Best of all, its on us (included for all our members and their guests).
  • Muppets: Over 3,000 Muppet characters have been created for The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street and other Muppet-related productions. Most of them are left-handed. Geoff loves The Muppets.

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